setting up our music!
well, things are finally coming together and i've been able to dwindle down our pile of boxes, to more unpacked than still packed! wahoo! there's just a few boxes of DVDs left (i have no idea how we're going to store these, we definitely need some sort of shelf unit thing a majigger) and then our boxes of "MISC" stuff, which will get combined into smaller boxes and put aside until we get ourselves a dresser of junk drawers. we still need a variety of furniture, some floor rugs, and a couch (we have a futon on loan! thank heavens!). we also still need a dresser for helvetica's room. but at this point i could care less. this weekend the kitchen island will be complete and we can move our kitchen stuff downstairs and then begin cooking up a storm for the weeks to come. on the menu homemade burgers, arugula and cilantro pesto!, rebar black beans (yum), peanut butter bars, blueberry bars, brownies, and probably a big vat of apple crisp.

this weekend, too, is my mumma's birthday and we're going to have a potluck over at the farm in errington! yay! i have plans to make the rebar carrot cake, and have unearthed this cookbook from the library: Nirmala's Edible Diary, and will be making the potato salad on this page (among other things). yum. food.

and eden. she'll be here this weekend to cuddle. can't wait.

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