stilettos and broken bottles

my grandpa with helvetica

helvetica in hand knits

i can't believe it's almost been two weeks since i last posted! having a baby can obviously do that, throw you for a loop, etc. i'm obviously still in transition and finding time to fit "previous life stuff" into my new routine. or even build a new routine. luckily being confined to breast feeding to fatten our little baby up means i can catch up on House and finally start/get into Scrubs (all eight seasons here i come!), i also get to knit maybe 3 rows of helvetica's sweater a day (!!), sleep around 9 hours/day (broken up of course, into three chunks usually), and stay on top of the laundry! having stewart around is fabulous. we've managed to split up the chores nicely and he's been my personal servant for the last two weeks during operation-get-helvetica-back-up-to-birth-weight. regardless everyone around here has baby fever.

i have a number of craft projects on the brain. consistently. i have these stuffed bats i need to make for doula megan. and helvetica's sweater i want to finish. and a knitted gift of something for our midwife (which she'll probably get for christmas). eeps! Seth just hollered, must go. xo


Kalin said...


As long as I get pictures with posts, they can be as infrequent as needed.

Melinda said...

Diandra! Congratulations to you and Stewart! Helvetica is absolutely adorable and of course decked out in the sweetest of handknits.