"love hurts when you do it right, you can cry when you get older"

our trinket shelf

helvetica is sleeping! yay! on his own, well with the cat. and for the last hour! WOOP! which means i was able to do some housework, paint our shelf, and get this blog a post (and download robyn tracks from youtube. omg, this ep is going to be great!).

two days ago the door between upstairs and our suite finally got put in. which means the cats are downstairs with us. they no longer have the enormous picture windows to look out of, or the fancy and fluffy wingback chairs to curl up in, or my mom to pester for soft cat food. and they're pissed. well, rupert's pissed (and he keeps trying to angry piss on our rugs), and pickle's just melancholy. i'm happy she's settled down enough to cuddle with seth, but she still hasn't figured out that she can't spoon with us in the bed like she used to. that's seth's spot now. so she just takes off. and meows like she's dying. and rupert just fucking glares at us and refuses to cuddle. i'm not sure which he's more pissed about: the baby or being confined to the basement.

okay, i'm off to make something to eat and maybe paint a second coat on that shelf. xo

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