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jaywalker yoga socks

local strawberries!!!! yum!

my indoor basil

yay for one handed blogging! it's only noon and i'm ready to call this day a good'un. i have been up since six, though. we usually go to sleep again after the 5:30-6am feeding, but not this morning! well, i didn't go to sleep. i elected to watch True Blood, make a yummy breakfast, internet and knit! seth and i then ventured out to get manure, potato seedlings (which were hard to find! so late in the season.), and coffee. on our adventure i found local strawberries, potatoes, and carrots grown 3 km from our house! and the strawberries are so good!!! i'm excited for raspberries so i can make jam! okay, one handed typing is tiring and annoying! xoxo


miss b said...

What a beautiful baby :D

Totally off topic but this Guardian (biggest left wing paper in the UK) article linked to your tatoo on flickr!!) http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/mar/31/how-to-make-strawberry-pincushion

Eden Oliver said...

Seth looks so grown up in that picture!