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heirloom sweater for helvetica
so i finally got my shit together and planted my enormous heirloom tomato plants that i grew from seed in the window sill, outside in the ground. now, being all on EI and stuff that i am, i really only had enough $$ to buy 2 cages. so i split the plants in half and put each in a cage. so there's a gazillion plants per cage (more like 8?) which is about 7 too many. but, what's a girl to do? really. i have enough plants to fill an entire raised bed, but only had enough good soil in about 10% of one of them. so not only did i not have enough cage i also don't have enough land. we'll have to see how this one goes! it's an urban farming experiment. that's what i'll say!

i've also transplanted my basil into larger containers and they're growing strong and big. i'll probably have to transplant the two smaller ones out of their zebra containers (still carrying them around from our wedding) and into bigger planters for the window sill. i love gardens. i love fresh produce!

two days ago i finished helvetica's sweater. it's a little big, but i like the short sleeves. i'm going to pair it with a chocolate brown hoodie for winter wear.

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