fell in love with the witch doctor

mmm, breakfast
chanel puppy in a car
friday night after dinner stew and i piled into the car and headed south to victoria for the weekend to visit with his momma, aunties, and my sister. it was good times! testament to the fact that i can't do more than 3 activities a day without being a total waste of space and just needing to nap, be cranky, and consume copious amounts of sugar and other foods.

of course victoria was full of the good stuff like cascadia bakery yummies, yarn at knotty by nature, COFFEEEEEE, shopping at the market on yates, china town, and other yummy food stuffs, but it was definitely with VOID that finethankyou pretty much no longer lives in victoria. i secretly relish in the fantasy that his life goes to complete shit in vancouver and he comes crawling back to the island and stew, helvetica, and i move to victoria to comfort him and make everyone's lives better! horror movies! saying we'll go to the gym and then getting americanos instead. knitting. it's like heaven. regardless vancouver will do YOU GOOD MISTER! and i'm just sad my beloved victoria will be without your shine.

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Amanda said...

Who who? (Is this the lovely Jeff?) And I meant the uber-hip Habit Coffee on Pandora...