"somewhere along the line i slowly lost my mind"

yum!!! this morning i made this bread and just devoured one of the ends, toasted, with a bit of margarine (oh how i miss being able to afford earth balance). in the february 2010 issue of martha stewart living there was a recipe for basic white bread that was SO easy and the cinnamon raisin seemed like a welcome addition to this week's eating. i'm thinking about making grilled sandwiches with it for lunch tomorrow. the recipe makes two loaves: the one above is the one with less sugar and the one in the freezer is the super sweet one. i was surprised how easy it was to actually make this bread and will be messing around with it as per the recipe (there's a rye and multigrain version too!). maybe will do one with nuts and seeds, etc.

i just got home from meeting our doulas and it was so good! not only are they the sweetest, smartest, and most warm and comfortable women i've met in a while, they were funny, open, and easy to talk to. yay! we have to set up a meeting for a month from now just to go over the final birth "plan" etc., but just meeting them has made me SO EXCITED to deliver this baby. wahoooo!!! and, to boot, they're willing to work for partial trade and it sounds like i have a kid's batman sweater to make soon!

tomorrow at midnight is the last of my to do list and i still have 5 things on it but am pretty confident that i'll get 4 of them done (everything minus the hanami shawl). i'll just be busy busy busy busy busy. but the sense of accomplishment will be great! (and then i can spend the rest of the week painting, working on the project we're doing on jade's sailboat, and that hanami shawl). xo

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