poo nugget

well, as always, here's a list of those things i need to accomplish over the next two weeks. and it's a long list (12). but considering i'm on MAT leave already *yayayayay* i make it my challenge to get these all done (including those projects on this list that are over a year old (egads!). some of them are a little easier (ie. apply for MSP temporary assistance) and others i'm resisting consistently (like finishing the forestry cardigan or handing in my overdue and long drawn out revisions.....) and lastly some seem a little challenging (like making maternity jeans! my only real idea of how to do this is when brenda from JUNO makes them for juno).

i have a tonne of ideas for what to do after this list of 12 but decided to keep them off here so as not to get distracted by new and flashy things. the magpie i am! there's a few "new" projects on the list but ones that i've been carrying around in my mind and in promise for a while (ie. booty shorts) and it's time i get them done.

being home is definitely interesting and today i slept until NOON with stew (yay for shared days off) and then knit, etc. we ended up going to parksville for all-you-can-eat fish and chips (bloat) with my grandparents and had a good time hanging out (something i feel like we haven't really gotten to do) and getting stewart out of the alberni valley (which also doesn't happen often). tomorrow i have to set out accomplishing my list! i have a meeting to attend in the AM where i'm volunteering and then i'll probably make roasted chicken sandwiches for dinner. yummmmmm. xo

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