"it was all of my energy more than i wanted to give"

sockhead hat!
this past week at work i knit a sockhead hat! i'm currently stash knitting (and so thankful that once upon a time i had $$ and just stocked up on yarn b/c now i'm using it all!!!) and the sockhead hat seemed like such a great opportunity to use up some of this enormous stash of sock yarn i have. here is the link to my project on rav. the pattern was really easy and it was such a quick knit (at work). i also knit it shorter because i do like slouch, but i didn't want to much slouch. the araucania was a little rough, but i think it'll soften up nicely. i even have enough yarn left (it only used 1/2 a skein!!!) to make a baby shirt that i've been eyeing over on ravelry.

in other news a few weeks ago i transplanted my houseplants into bigger pots using some potting soil that my mom had outside.
fungus growing out of the dirt on my aloe
weird fungus on my plants!
and lo and behold the dirt was full of this weird yellowish fungus. the plants seem fine but i will need to transplant them here in short order. shake all the dirt off the roots and put them in fresh potting soil. i don't want to traumatize them because they just were transplanted, but it's the weirdest fungus i've ever seen. and i didn't see it in the dirt when i planted the little guys so who knows? regardless, they're still growing and fast. maybe it's a majic growing fungus?

in more other news i'm into my 3rd trimester now and we're into the countdown, closer together midwife appointments, meeting with doulas, etc. i'm going on leave in 2 weeks and 2 days or something like that. which means more knitting, hopefully unpacking, getting to garden, and coming to prince george. where i will hole up with a., engage in serious cuddling with loki, and knit and eat with all the lovelies for a few short days before departing back south to wait out the last month! things of strange right now are a stomach up on my emotional chakra and this consistent kicking at my lower esophagus. blarg.


finethankyou said...

AHHH! You are not supposed to use dirt from outside for your indoor plants!!!! Unless you sterilize it first... you can bake it in the oven at a low temperature to kill all the weird things that outside dirt has in it. Ie: crazy yellow fungus.

Also aloes like to be really rootbound. Mine look kinda funnny because I planted them in way too big pots.

Sethnicity said...

THank You so Much for this blog and Even more for "Finethankyou"'s rebuttal and suggestion. I just did the same thing for my office plant and got the same result.

Anonymous said...

I have aloe Vera as well and I used planting soil, and out side dirt . All I did was add more soil to an existing pot as it was getting low and the roots were becoming exposed. This picture looks exactly like my plant? Weird...

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to say NO outside dirt at all