"this isn't what i thought it would be, this is the saddest summer ever"

knitted tshirt for helvetica
today is good. i called in "sick" to work to ensure i don't get my bonus and thus my mat leave can start on time rather than later. and i love being home. so good. so far i've knit, tidied, gone shopping with stewart, slept in, pulled out more thesis books (and drafted the end in my head, yay!), knit, started making Naan, sorted out stewart's last few garbage bags of clothes (they were driving me crazy! he has 2 pink button up shirts!!), and am almost all caught up on the q podcasts (one more to go). i'm going to finish up the next little bit by knitting (i'm working on my own version of the autumn leaves vest from pickles as pictured above. it's a great pattern but i'm putting in red striped instead of the daisy stitch. i can't wait!!!! maybe i can even get it done tonight.

pickles has some super adorable and awesome patterns (and yarns) that i'm lusting after and just dreaming of making. most of them are free and the pictures are great! like this cabled vest! or these winter accessories! and this sailor vest! and non knitting, this bike seat cover!

basically i want to make things all the time.

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Eden Oliver said...

Must make this bike seat cover. So cute.