"if i had known all your ghosts i never would have come so far"

pick pick pick it up cardigan
today went by so fast! i'm officially sleeping 10 hours a night and can't survive on any less or even get out of bed on even less. which is a shame because i feel so motivated to do stuff, get stuff done, work little bee work! today i didn't accomplish much on my list (though i did get somewhere on my sweater (above)!). i did end up making buttermilk pancakes (and devouring them yum), beef and broccoli for dinner (yay for being back on broccoli!), setting up stewart's computer for the internet (nightmare and so time consuming), and typing up minutes from a meeting. basically events that shouldn't have taken so long ended up consuming my day. so around 5 i plopped down and watched some House, Gossip Girl, and then was party to a general viewing of Nacho Libre (oh heavens). Basically, since 5pm, I've been knitting. and it's great, except i HATE knitting stocking knit with the purl reverse. i much prefer it in the round. regardless i'm so excited about this sweater i should not complain. this sweater is going to dominate all sweaters (i own) and i will need to get a new purse. HELP!

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Melissa said...

omg, it's so gorgeous!