"they say i have to have somebody"

this year i'm knitting through my stash mainly because i have a shit tonne of yarn and i don't have much of a disposable income to be buying yarn. but, i am dreaming of handspun and think my next yarn purchase will be a special treat of some handspun. here's the top contenders.

Midnight Query by HarrisonWheelworks

Handspun Super Fine Organic Merino Yarn by WhorledPeace!

Lipstick Lesbians by Spincycle yarns

and lastly, classic girl by wildflower whimsey/zen string. handdyed?! yes!!

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borealgal said...

just gotta chime in - I have some yarns from SpinCycle and they are amazing! The colours, the textures... I could go ON and ON! I actually got to sit and see one of my purchases being plied in their studio... a real treat! Those girls are incredible!