FO: punctuated rib socks/socks for spring

sweet socks for spring?
making these socks has taken forever and i'm happy to have them done and now can cross that off my list! i LOVE the yarn (courtesy of KDG, who is probably one of my most favourite people ever!). the link to my rav project is here, and there's more pictures on my flickr.

this morning i woke up at 4:30am from a bad dream and couldn't get back to sleep. over the past month or so i've been dreaming a lot about spiders (i HATE spiders) and the general tone of the dreams re: the spiders is people keep introducing them into my life and putting them in places i frequent regularly but i'm mystified about why they're there, not really scared (sometimes i freak out), but not in a nightmare way. in my dream from this morning people (specific people but i don't want to detail that here) brought a bag of these transparent spiders in reeds (like when you get fish from the pet store) and we were drawing them, sitting on my bed. then one of the people let the spiders out in my room and i was hysterical. i kept screaming, "why can't you just understand i don't like spiders and i don't want them in my room" and said person and another person were basically like, "you're crazy! this is fine!" that was distressing. so this afternoon i went a little internet hunting and found at least 3 sources in the top 6 sites on google that basically say spiders represent tremendous female power, feminine change, conflict with femininity at current time. so very pertinent and interesting (the other 3 sites on the google search i didn't read b/c there were pictures of spiders, so i hit back really fast!).

regardless i couldn't fall back asleep and my morning included driving stewart to work, watching howl's moving castle, and knitting. after noon-ish i came home and hit the hay and slept my exhaustion off. which was good, but the problem for me with not sleeping in the AM and then napping in the afternoon is that i get SO dehydrated and not all the water or chilled herbal tea in the world can satiate me. blah. anyway, i'm off to knit/work on my sweater, and then in a bit make this salad for dinner (we're having it with rice). yummers.

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