FO: clapotis!

i finally finished my clapotis! just over two weeks in the making this lovely lovely shawl (which i made with a hearty yarn, telemark from knitpicks) will be mine! i originally bought the yarn and the colour with someone else in mind and can't remember who that person was....hahaha. but i'm allured by it's beauty, warmth, and glowingness (and the fact that i've tackled a scarf for myself for the first time in a long time). the knitty pattern/article is here. and this is the link to the yarn i used. i used just over 7 balls (have enough left over to make a baby hat/toque or some booties...and this here link is the one for my ravelry project.

it's nice to get something off my to do list. i'm going to ramble my way through the MSP application right now, too. blarg. tomorrow brings planters/seeds/dirt (we've decided against a full blown garden b/c we're not sure if we'll be in this house next year (but will be in port alberni for sure), but i've decided to grow herbs (b/c i like using them a lot and they're expensive at the store) and i'll try some tomatoes... pictures of that set up tomorrow. now, all i have to do is wait for stewart to get up/wake up so i can open the blinds and play surfer blood really loud. xo

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finethankyou said...

Laura Nelson made this too!!