"you got them all by the balls"

today i bought seeds for our planters as per my to do list (and a small bag of dirt to rescue my inside plants and use remainder to plant some seeds). i bought a slew of heirloom tomatoes, basil, flat leaf parsley, and rosemary. my favourite herbs. today is full of knitting knitting knitting to get my projects finished. and maybe a nap. my left hip joint popped out of place two nights ago when i was sleeping so i keep waking up in terrible pain. it's all floating around in there not sure of where to go.

i'm going to put down this computer and continue to knit and listen to q with peaches!!!

and some surfer blood


Melissa said...

thanks for the book suggestion, I am going to add it to my library list. so excited about spring.

KT said...

Peaches looks weird blond. Still, she is on MY to-do list...and so are you! HOTT.