"i've got some news for you, fembots have feelings too"

so far this weekend has been full of sanding drywall, knitting, finishing up my revisions, and watching movies. tomorrow, hopefully, i can start painting and then spend the rest of the week painting in between my remaining tasks. so far i have six things crossed off my list, which leaves 6 things and 4 days to go. i'm in process on three of them, and know i have to do my plants (probably tomorrow..i've been putting this one off so bad!). sadly, though, the one thing i won't be able to cross off is finishing my hanami shawl, which is OK, considering it's a doozie and would be a celebration after getting the other things done.

the renos, while in motion, are definitely stressing poor ol rupert out, and thus stressing both me and stew out and, in all honesty, making me really upset. it's not fun having your kittie be in distress. whenever rupert gets stressed he gets eosinophilic granuloma. basically when he's stressed out his immune system drops and some allergy he has resurfaces and causes this reaction. then it gets itchy so he rubs it against concrete and wall corners, or it gets so big it "bursts" through his skin, and then he rubs it etc. at that point i wash it and put polysporin or an all natural hydrocortisonal cream on it (which stressed him out) and around and around we go until the stress has stopped. sometimes it has been other cats "in his territory" and others dust, food, etc. but this time i'm convinced it's the renos because every time a hammer hams or a drill drills he gets this shocked worried look on his face. it's so sad. the only "cure" or "treatment" other than reducing his stress is to take him to the vet so they can give him steroid injections! NOT FUN! so we avoid the vet at all cost now for this issue and just try to reduce reduce reduce the environmental allergies. oi. i want my kittie to be better!

well off to knit and work on these soakers or stewart's booty shorts/watch ponyo/read the new martha stewart. xo

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KT said...

I dated a fembot once. They totally do have feelings...and gps trackers.