FO: punkish vest for helvetica

well, i actually finished the helvetica vest! yayay! i LOVE it and am very proud of my colour choices and so happy that my plan worked out for the best (don't you hate it when ideas just don't turn out for the best and your finished project looks like crap?). anyway, my rav link is here and if you're baby or kidlette knitting i suggest this pattern as a way to use up errant skeins (well, partial skeins) of sock yarn or fingering weight yarns. i'll definitely be making more of these. but, in the meantime i've put a no-more-baby-knitting ban on myself (except for soakers). all the things i'm knitting are for bigger babies, not small ones, and i'll have time to knit for the later times, so why rush now? which means i must face my forestry cardigan, and my hanami shawl, and stewart's booty shorts. egads.

oh, and my new favourite blog, autostraddle, and the sweetest blog post i've read in a long time.

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