TBT 27-90

Today was a good day, but a long one. Adventure in Qualicum with Sethie, went for a walk up a gully, had a yummy but super expensive vegan raw lunch, came home and cleaned and hung out and napped, and cuddled, and prepared for a clothing swap (I got rid of lots and got one new shirt! lots of other ppl got sweeet finds) with a wonderful vegan potluck. Got to spend a few hours with my derby wife, which was a blessing in itself. LOVELY friends! Thanks to everyone who came over. Seth napped until 530pm today so he's still up, eating popcorn with nooch and watching treehouse! (one of his new words is a bastardized "pop corn") Bedtime shortly! good night!

What I Ate Today:
Grande Soy Unsweetened Green Tea Latte
Vegan Raw Lasagne with Caesar Salad
Pina Colada Smoothie (vegan)
QB Bar (Vegan sugar free raw desert like a Nanaimo Bar)
2 Veggie Dogs w/ ww bun and yummy toppings
Some veggie bootie
Vegan potluck feast including pita chips, foccacia, faux egg salad, coconut lime dippy thingy, bok choy/beet salad, parsley/veg salad, tbt approved vegan broc and chez
1/2 glass wine
non-tbt approved icing free chocolate cake

20 minute walk with seth, easy-moderate b/c it was hilly


Mountain Girl said...

You know how to host a great get together. Was so nice to get hugs from you (even if I demanded them on my time schedule!).

LUVVV that Seth has added popcorn to his vocabulary : )

diandra said...

it was SO NICE having you over.