TBT 36-90

Today was proof that I'm still helpless in the face of my period. I did so good for most of the day (minus the bannock) and then in the evening just CRASHED and gorged on chocolate. I really wish I brought some of my vegan sweets with me so I wouldn't so truly have crossed to the dark side. On a good note, I ate all that chocolate while watching 21 Jump Street in a movie theatre! I can't remember the last time I was in a movie theatre! The movie was about 20% too stupid, but cute, funny, and those boys are HOTT.

what I ate today: licorice tea, two granola bars not good for me, rice cake with peanut butter, water water water, fruit and veggie mountain (strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, snap peas, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes), lots of bad for me but oh so good bannock (when in rome!), a hummus mound, vegetables and fruit, more fruit, mint tea, edamame, miso soup, avocado roll, 2 spicy tuna cones, agedashi tofu, water water water, 3 pieces almond roca, a bag of rolo minis.

exercise: none.


Mountain Girl said...

Have some vegan, organic truffles for you when you return :)

Melissa said...

i want to watch movies with hot boys with you!