TBT 26-90

vegan roasted veg pizza and salad
Another boring day on the blog. Not a boring day in life. Made an appointment to get both my nose and munroe pierced, morning yoga, got to read a good report on the cost of food in BC, started tying up ends with a community project, and got to see friends. Oh, and brat camp. Loving it.

What I Ate Today:
2 Hemp freezer waffles with earth balance, pb, and home canned apples
1/2 green tea latte (that they made with milk, grrrrooooossssss)
spicy miso ramen with tofu and edamame
roasted veg vegan pizza on ww crust
glass of wine, 2 pieces polenta w/ cheese, chips w/ salsa and hummus
vegan footlong sub

1 hour of moderate exercise at brat camp
1 hour of ashtanga yoga

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