TBT 28-90

west coast walking outfit
What I wore yesterday to go out for a walk with Sethie in the woods. The shorts don't fit anymore (too big) so this was particularly uncomfortable. Jacket's too big too and a bit weird on. Loved my outfit though.

"Springing Forward" is exhausting. It's 9pm and I'm ready to go to bed! Feeling super congested, have lathered up with menthol ointment and am about to have more tea. I had a long nap today and when I woke up I felt like someone had hit me in the chest.

What I Ate Today:
Flat Bread and vegan egg salad
Vegan Huevos Rancheros 
Mint Tea
Delicious potluck feast incl: vegan tater bake, root vegetable salad, couscous salad, pilaf, and raw veggies (and yummy vegan lemon cake), a few glasses of delicious white wine
Mint Tea w/ Lime

Napping / Horizontal Polka

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