the past few days...

have been jam packed and awesome because my sister is here! yay! we've watched scott pilgrim (again, yes) and hung out with sethmeister and gone swimming and cooked and crafted a lot. tomorrow i'm going to get her to pose with her embroideries that she's done and maybe get her to pose for a new knitting pattern that i'll hopefully launch tomorrow on HOME SWEET HOME. i've also been trying to cut down on my internet use, but all the cooking/hanging means i'm still behind on chores (oh laundry!) and am just exhausted. so to bed/reading i go!

double stripes!
double stripes!!!! i will be giving away one of these jersey scarfs at home sweet home sometime this week! (and telling you how to make your own!)
pink hair
the last picture of my pink hair before i dyed it brown. and i love it brown! now, to cut it better!!
custom sewn belt for HOME SWEET HOME
custom belt tutorial over at home sweet home! check it out!

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laura said...

i love your pink hair.