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i feel like today is one of those days that i've let get away from me. it's almost 5pm and seth hasn't had his afternoon nap (and not because we didn't try, blaaaaaah!). i also haven't really started dinner (i precooked the beans) and the laundry's piled up. i did get a load of dishes going, go out for sushi with seth, and move some plants/clean the living room window. so i compensate with pictures as sethmeister is finally getting whiny enough for sleep and maybe he'll actually go to sleep this time.
malabrigo worsted
i got my malabrigo in the mail from eat.sleep.knit finally! i'm going to use them to make three versions of the shawl i designed for the final pattern pictures, etc. probably will be released in the summer, just in time for it's intended season of wear.

right now he's clinging onto my tights whining to go to bed. finally! it's taken about 3 hours to get to this point. bleck.
this turned out blurry! i took 8,000 pictures trying to get a good one of my new hair and my new scarf from Amanda which she got at Preloved in montreal> SO HIP IT HURTS. but alas the photo sucks for both.

okay, that baby has wandered off and i think i need a nap too. looks like we'll be having cheese squares and cheerios for dinner (well not me b/c i'm not really eating dairy right now).


babyblue said...

look at all of his TEETH! so cute.

Anonymous said...

Di, I MUST go to Port so you can teach me how to knit. We can walk on the beach, eat sushi... My goodness, what a time. Nice scarf! Really too, too hip.

Fine, thank you... said...

HAHAHA cheese squares and cheerios

mishellesays said...
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diandra said...

awe, mish! why'd you delete your comment? i loved it and love you and miss you!! XO