oh where oh where

book from a book sale with a sticker in it
hat knit for theresa at multimax
Port Alberni Hops Festival
did this week go? last weekend we went to the HOPS festival and it was so much fun! so much beer. so little time! the week went by super fast and i'm feeling a little zoned (well, a lot zoned) from my week at work...blaaaaaah. tomorrow is a busy day: seedy saturday, TREATY DAY PARTY!, and tutoring. i have to get a bunch of groceries shopped and food made to get us through next week, too!  let alone get my garden all planted and stuff. hahahaha. EEPS!

despite working full time all week and being pooped I really really LOVE my job and the place i work and the work i get to do for our community! it's like i won the lottery.

oh, and roller derby is GO!!!!  if you live in port alberni and you read this and you want to play roller derby just comment and i'll get a hold of you!



mishellesays said...

you get to cross off #16!!! :)

diandra said...

good call!

Anonymous said...

I live in Port and am very interested in hearing more about roller derby!