my belly is full of $40 pasta

I'm plowing through the Rebar pasta section of the cookbook. We've had two this week and are having one next week. I'm pretty sure I'm at the half way mark and there's a few that I have to make in the summer (for best ingredients). There's two problems with this 28before29 goal, the first that there's "ASIAN"-style pastas that I wouldn't put under pasta, but either salad or entrees. I understand that there's noodles so it's like a pasta, but it doesn't say "pasta" to me. And, I don't really like their "ASIAN"-COMBO pastas, or the idea of them. Blah. The other is that the ingredients, like much of the Rebar cookbok's recipes, are on the expensive side. Today I made the santa fe salad and it cost me almost $40. Sure, it was incredibly delicious, but not an every day (or every month!) thing, that's for sure.

Seth was still a little sick this week so most of the day I've spent wiping green boogers from his face. I also got my lettuce planted and my little growing pots full of soil (just need to plant the seeds) and will soak my beans tonight and put them in the box tomorrow. And then I'm done for a few weeks. Just watering. Then the fence and weeding and getting bean poles up; then it'll be time to transplant and more weeding and hopefully harvesting my baby arugula, basil, and cilantro for pesto for the freezer.

Tonight is our inaugural Women's Liberation Book Club meeting. We read the birth house and I just finished it. Literally, like 20 minutes ago. It was OK and not hard to get through, which is relieving. What are you doing this weekend?


laura said...

the birth house: i agree. it was only ok. so many people LOVED it?! these are the same people who LOVED kite runner and girl with dragon tattoo series. i am beginning to see a trend

yarnsalad said...

Rats! I'm reading this after the weekend. So I'll respond as if I didn't know what I was going to end up doing:

I'll probably clean the whole house, rearrange and organize my craft room, exercise, bake some cookies, and knit as much as possible.

What really happened:

Got up before 7 on Saturday morning (which almost qualifies as 'sleeping in' for me these days), lazed about with coffee and my iPhone games, did some laundry (I think), thought about exercise, went into my craft room, baked some brownies with buckwheat flour (do NOT recommend), got a headache, went to bed early. Slept in for real on Sunday (got up at 8:13am), lazed about some more (which means curled up on the couch in my electric blanket, since we have no firewood & therefore no heat), when DH said "Let's go to Town to buy spark plugs!" so we put together a picnic lunch and cruised into PA. Did all our shopping then checked out Stamp Falls before heading home. I can't remember the rest but I did knit a few inches on a sock.