i broke down and bought grapes...

Sure, it's not a knitted sweater, but I finally finished up my baby legwarmers, which is a pattern I'm including in my helvetica knits e.book v. 1. I'll probably post the pattern as "for free" on ravelry... and it's just being tested right now.

The derby meeting went great! We still need one more board member and at least two other major volunteers to assist the board, but it's going to be great! At this exact second I'm just passing the time between getting ready to go out for sustain-a-table and right now. Seth is still sleeping and I've just put together tomorrow's dinner and am just waiting for the side to finish. I really like menu planning and all of next week our meals are TEX MEX style. Tomorrow we're having vegan enchiladas with green rice and coleslaw; Tuesday we're having vegetarian tostada salad; Wednesday we're having quesadillas and tortilla soup; Thursday we're having a tex mex style rebar pasta; Friday we're having pizza verde (rebar); and saturday we're having santa fe pasta salad from the rebar cookbook. YES! We tend to eat a lot of mexican style food, but I've been relying on americana and other vegan stuff lately and the tex mex has been lacking. Which has been disappointing because we all really love it.

This weekend I got my sunflowers and nasturtiums planted, and also planted three tires of fingerling potatoes! I didn't get my little starts started (must do that!) but got some sewing done as well. Next week is the launch for Feminism for Real at Rhizome in Vancouver! Try to make it by if you can! Deets below. XO

Feminism FOR REAL Book Launch
Thursday, April 14, 7:00pm
Against a backdrop exposing a 500+ year legacy of colonization and oppression, Feminism FOR REAL is an anthology that explores what has led us to the existence of “feminism”, who gets to decide what it is, and why. With stories that make the walls of academia come tumbling down, it deals head-on with the conflicts of what feminism means in theory as opposed to real life, the frustrations of trying to relate to definitions of feminism that never fit no matter how much you try to change yourself to fit them, and the anger of changing a system while being in the system yourself. Join us for a discussion with editor Jessica Yee, a self-described “Two Spirit multi-racial Indigenous hip hop feminist reproductive justice freedom fighter”.

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