working for the weekend

i'm at work, it's lunch time and i'm going to try and work through my lunch. i'm mowing down on carrot sticks and port alberni radishes *yum!*. i didn't get my plants in the ground this week and anticipate putting seth in his bouncy chair, heading outside, and planting my tomatoes and peppers tomorrow. on saturday night i will soak the beans i have to plant and then plant them in the raised bed on sunday AM. i'm still so new to growing (year 2) that i'm giving myself lots of room to learn about what's happening and make mistakes, rather than get stressed out about soil ph, type of dirt, etc. it's like when i was learning to knit and didn't jump right into understanding how cables work (i still don't). i should also get my potatoes growing in their little tires and get the chicken wire up and running soon. oh, and the deer fence! jeez, having a garden is a lot of work (but so worth it).

this week has been a complete write off. seth was SO SICK and such a handful. one night at 3am he was bawling because he had a fever and we were going nuts, i was trying to get him into the bath to relax, cool down, and feel like he was having fun and i said to stewart, "can you imagine some people have babies who do this every night for months?" and we both shuddered. i couldn't imagine having to experience that. i definitely want more kid(s) around but there ain't no way in hell that they're going to be babies because i'm just not going to take the chance to deal with that. no thank you. (and a big woop to the parents who have had to deal with that: you amaze me).

the only other thing i've focused on this week has been roller derby. any extra seconds i've had have gone to developing our code of conduct or our policy manual. we have our first board meeting tonight at my house to give people work to do. i'm excited because we'll hopefully have full buy in from a total of 7 of us, which will make the work load that much easier and lighter on everyone. there is no way i could've taken on a league with a smaller board or even doing a bunch of the start up work and then pulling people in. someone else is going to organize the first meet up. someone else is going to take over the facebook group. someone else is going to make registration forms and membership databases and sort out the insurance. and the seven of us will have founded a derby league together. this is going to be amazing!

last but not least,  i've been looking longingly at my list on the left and wanting to accomplish some things faster, you know? so many of those things are long process activities or i need something else to get them finished. a number of them, too, i know won't happen which is a little discouraging, but just a fact of life, i guess. next year i'll probably do a list with more little goals and i already have some in mind (like no eating out at a restaurant for 3 months and sew myself a piece of clothing every month or something like that)... but must focus on the list i have now! i'm going to order rennet this weekend to make the cheese, go this afternoon and get my birth certificate so i can submit my change of name forms when i get paid next, next week i'm cooking another pasta, and will probably get two or three more in by the end of the month.. you know. get on it?

have a great weekend! XO

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