"and the leg bone is connected to the one in the thigh"

seth and i spent a whirlwind 24 hours between here and victoria and got to see my sis and my papa. it was good times though i was sick as a dog and so cranky, exhausted, and impatient. i was also sad/pissed that i had no money to buy yarn or seeds b/c my work forgot to print me a paycheck. thanks guys!
since christmas i've had ups and downs of being motivated and not being motivated/in a slump/depressed. i blame a mix of working more/at all and just a general malaise, but it has felt exacerbated these past two weeks and then getting sick (we were all sick) just sunk the ship on that one. i'm going to make more lists. start getting excited about more projects. and just doing more things. seth is slowly starting to sleep better and having even one night away from stewart made me not want to get rid of him so quick (oh marriage!) and it's been nice and cuddly and just chill. i'm denying my expectations of myself re: the state of our house and only doing what is necessary. i'm also working at putting the computer down. so this ends here as i'll put the computer down and knit and watch the goonies listen to my audiobook and go to sleeeep! XO

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