My League's first bout
i'm going to assume if you live in pg you already have tickets. a lot of people from work said if i ain't rollin' they're not going :( so i hope i get to play in the next bout and bring out the ymca and the yap crews to fill that building.

can i even begin to tell you how excited i am for next weekend's game? and roller derby in general? i haven't been this excited about derby in a while. so my new skates and all my adopted gear (thank you loki!!) have me on the right track. now all i need is a mouth guard and a practice shirt. yes.

this morning i got up and did something i haven't done in a long time. i went to the gym. and i did this class called fusion which is a mix of yoga and pilates and core-strengthening exercises. i'm happy to say i was able to do about 80% of all of it (holy shit though) and never really knew you could sweat, dripping, on your mat from doing a lunge sequence. now it's off to domesticate it up and then hang out with me ladies over soft cheese making, moisturizer making, and knitting. yessssssssss. xoxo

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