summer's slowly drawing to a close

letting the garden run wild
bowling with cabbage
canned cherries and apricots
today was so warm out compared to the rest of the summer and i'm half falling asleep. last week at derby i pushed myself the hardest i've ever pushed myself and kind of had another consciousness click about how much i want to skate and be a skater in derby. it's a toss up because i also want to run for the board but i'm not sure my life can sustain it... i guess the next few months will let me know. it's also sad to watch parts of my life fall of because of derby, but that's OK, derby's that important and awesome to me. in three years i want to be able to jam and be an amazing jammer. my goal in the meantime is to pass minimum skills in december so that i can be a full skater in our upcoming season (january to july): i'm fucking terrified.

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laura said...


i know how you feel about derby. It gets easier? I'm about to run for my 2nd year on the board. And I love it, but i know that there are things that don't get as much attention because of my board position (my partner, my kid, my work, my knitting...) but I can't really stop. I love it, for sure.