keep putting it up...

harvest is in full swing around here! I spent my weekend thrift shopping, going for lunch, napping, spending time with friends, picking blueberries and canning, canning, canning. I'll probably take some pictures and post my thrift finds on HOME SWEET HOME next Saturday.
red root relish
My aunt and uncle own a farm out in Errington that has a huge blueberry patch. Last year, my first year on the Island, there weren't very many blueberries because it was so hot. This year it's been so cool we've / I've been complaining, but there are so many blueberries. It's pretty exciting. There weren't very many today, but in a week or so, if it's sunny there should be more! Finger's crossed for sun!
This coming week is a busy one with visits from my dad and my bff and her boyfriend. I've got lots more canning to do (cherries, apricots, cabbage) and am thinking about canning fish this year. I'd much rather have canned salmon over frozen salmon, you know? XO

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