Hunting for Chantrelles

rain forest! mushrooms! mushrooms! mushrooms! mushrooms!
On my dad's side of the family there's a handful of siblings. Enough siblings that we could honestly say that they had a big family. The older siblings all had kids within six years of each other. I was the first. And then the next year my cousin Jade was born. There weren't any other cousins for about four years, and even though JR grew up in Vancouver and I grew up in Terrace, there's more than us both being Virgos that holds us together. And it's awesome. Being here on the Island means that I'm a 35 minute drive from JR's mom's house (my aunt and uncle and other cousin live there on Beltane Farm). And I still don't get to see them as often as I want, and because JR is a chef/cook and works summers up Clayoquot and hopes to work winters on yachts owned by rich people, I only get to see her in between. Right now she's in limbo, which means I get to see her (more).

Last weekend, the family and I drove out to have brunch with them and ate a ramshackle of stuff from their fridge and ours. It was delicious. It was also pouring out, but we put on our rain gear (JR had more rain gear than me obviously) and headed off to wander the farm HOPING to find chantrelles (which are enjoying a bumper crop this year). Unfortunately, no chantrelles, but lots of other mushrooms, which was cool. We got disoriented, too, so much forest to walk through, but found our way back to the farm and the tomatoes that are finally ripening in the green house.

Next year I commit to picking chantrelles and drying them. Not just trading a supply for vegan coffee cake with great and generous friends!

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