"you've been so far so long don't rush"

my ride home through cathedral grove
so, admittedly, i haven't really been *looking* for my camera charger. i've been pretty overwhelmed with looking for work and having kind of a poopy day today and yesterday, and continuously knitting orders for others that i just haven't made it a priority. but i need to find the charger because i have a huge shop update to do and a giveaway just in time for xmas. i also want to take pictures of my hair (i dyed it jet black) and of my trip next wednesday to prince george for my thesis defense.

my step dad is going to be here this weekend and i'll get him to set me up on our new webhost to upload pdfs of my thesis for pre-/free- reading for anyone that's coming to the defense or anyone that isn't but wants to read it anyway. i'm super nervous, but kind of excited! i'm going to read from a pre-written script AND use a powerpoint, both things i usually don't do, but i've been warned that it must be as formal as possible and as strong as possible. i figure i'll be winging questions from my ginormous committee and the gallery for at least an hour or more, so i can do something scripted and it won't be out of character. i'll put make up on and even deodorant: i'll be the perfect image of formality....or i'll try anyway. i already know that i'll be having minor revisions, too. so i don't have to stress about a clear pass.

in other news i went to errington for an appointment and to visit my aunt and uncle (dad's side) who live in errington on a cute farm (they have horses and chickens and live in a hexagonal house made from wood from their property..it's kind of sweet) and snapped this picture on my way home with my cell phone. the roads were a bit wet, but not slick, so it made the drive so fun! it's a pretty deadly stretch of highway but almost as fun as driving the nisga'a highway: almost.

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