changing my style

so i've been thinking for the past few months that it's time to change my style. i've had a really haphazard style over the past year or two (thanks pg!) kinda skater mixed with crafter? no more hipster, though yay! the recent nylon magazine had a lot of great ideas incl country style which i loved, but i think i'm going to go super urban (is that a style description anymore?) and am probably going to aim for black as my staple. a mix between rihanna and beth ditto? that would be my goal. i give myself definitely a few months to get this together, and i already have some of the major staples like my beyonce boots and my big military-style wool coat. also all the tights. and i have a few black shirts that'll fit. but i need to get black skirts (highwaist, secretary style), tight-ish pants (fitted instead of baggy?), a black scarf with fringe and a black tunic with a hoodie or a cowl. oh and knee high boots.

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laura s. said...

yes yes amazing, love beth.