Oh port!

Tonight we went to an all ages show just literally the mailboxes, a school parking lot, a street to cross, and a house away. It was at this all ages venue here called The Academy. It was super cheap ($8) and we were definitely in the oldest crowd there...but just like PG, i guess: if you want live music in a small town, you can't be choosy. The main reason we went was b/c stewart's co-worker is in the band above, Magically Beautiful. They sounded like more Avey Tare-style Animal Collective mushed together with some Dan Deacon. But at the end of the day we could all agree they're probably just an Animal Collective rip off? Regardless we were impressed by the level of coolness this group of teenagers exudes! Us oldies are already so uncool.

There were two other bands, The Perfect Trend (LAME) and another Port band who sounded like Tad and old Tool. Not too impressive. But, Yukon Blonde closed and their live show eclipses their recording by far. I felt like I was watching a 60s/70s revival band. It was surreal.

So now, it's late, again. Why am I staying up so late all the time now? I need to get this eye liner off and hit the hay. xo

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