pickle always avoids eye contact with the camera

ignoring me
pickle in the window

the last few days have been busy with crafting/knitting and today/tomorrow seem to be the same. i'm nursing a cup of now cold coffee and getting through my internets while i search through our boxes for craft stuff: fabric, zippers, thread, sewing machine, felt, etc. yikes! i have almost 5 pairs of mitts made!! wup! whatever doesn't sell this weekend will be uploaded to my shop. yes. other than crafting i've been hanging out with pickle and rupert, running errands (like new phone numbers, paying bills), and watching movies with stewart. there's a sweet video store near our house (Multi-Max Movie Store) with $3 new releases that are categorized by genre (no wading through shit when you know you want to watch a documentary, etc) and the catalogue is in storage with highlights out! ie. right now it's christmas movies! yay! it's such a tiny store, too, and they have the sweetest snacks and even edward cullen action figures! hahaha. we watched whatever works (new woody allen with larry david) and lyme life.

whatever works i slept through most of it. i get so annoyed and obviously tired of woody allen's penchance for young girls who throw themselves on old men movie shtick! evan rachel wood's character was all, "but i like you! blah blah blah" and completely justified the power dynamics that older men (sub)consciously take advantage of. is this your way mr allen of saying it's okay you married your daughter? weird!

and lyme life. i loved it. but then it skipped and froze a lot both on our playstation and on my mac book. so i'm going to get another copy today. i mean, i'd like to finish the film! the culkins are amazing in that movie. and the layers upon layers and the way that adults treat eachother is just deplorable. i know it's a young man coming of age story but at this point i feel it's a movie about adults who are assholes and liars and how it affects their kids and the way they treat eachother. regardless, a must see.

off to sew/knit/create! xo

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