holidaze...october 2010

oh my, we were on the road for too long. and while i had a great time, stewart sounds kind of lackluster about it, and i think we were just gone for too long. next time we should split our holidays up. less people. less cray cray. while we were gone our babe became a 6 month old without actually being 6 months old. he's eating solids like a champ and jumping in his exercauser and then holding his arms out like "ta-da!". it's ridiculous. we came home to an excavated lawn (they're building a courtyard and stairs and stuff. it's crazy. next spring i'll post good pictures. and a clean house (so happy i left it that way). i spent all the time at home sorting out new clothes for seth, putting away a bit of our holiday mess, and uploading pictures. so, here's a few of those pictures, way more over on flickr. i can't wait until seth goes to bed so i can watch gossip girl. and a few episodes of house.

burrowing owl.

stew's grandma's house used to have a fruit stand
tractor outside of stewart's grandma's house
the first leg of our trip took us to oliver bc, stewart's HOMELAND. we even got to go wine tasting at burrowing owl. and hang out with his family. stewart's grandma lives in a house that is on an orchard and has this old fruit stand on the property. i love that place and was happy to take home a few jars of pickles (yum!).

then we spent the week in kelowna and i didn't really take any pictures. can you believe it? i can! i was so tired and seth was in the throes of teething and a growth spurt. i just wanted to die most of our time there. but, stew's mom took some pictures of stew and seth in his hallowe'en costume:

and then! wahoo! PG! yes!

rated pg rollergirls invitational
my new tattoo! foxicorn or uni-fox!

seth was held by a lot a lot of pretty ladies. and i had such a good time seeing everyone and again didn't take enough pictures. i don't at all wish to move back there, but always love seeing my ladies. especially loki, ora, and babyblue. there was also knitting. and i have a new pattern soon to be posted here and on ravelry. i've also knit up a pair of baby mitts and started on some socks that *might* be for my dad for xmas.

the sky in the chilcotin
and then yesterday we started our long journey home. it was beautiful and dry out until we got to boston bar. and then so rainy. yuck. and this morning we slept in so no cafe deux soleils breakfast, just way overpriced lunch on the ferry. double yuck. XO

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