i've been lucky to have a lot of time to knit (maybe that's where all my time has gone! hah!) and have a number of things on needles and am just knocking things back. i have one more thing to finish and then i can cast on for a new hat. and then when i finish my dad's XMAS socks i can cast on for a tunic shirt thing. i just bought yarn for these two new projects so i'm dying in anticipation. TOMORROW! woop!

Bella's Mitts

bella's mitts
These are one of my xmas gifts that I have to knit. Not many since I've instituted the family gift exchange starting last year. Definitely a better way to go. No more knitting for 8 people every year. Anyway, I like these mitts, but 1. not for me, and 2. so overrated. I knit them a bit shorter, and used the same needle and like the yarn (sublime chunky something or other). My rav project page is here if you want more deets!

Chunky Monkey Vest
payton's swap vest
I whipped this vest up over the past few days as a trade with our friend TJ who sewed seth the cutest long dress-like dragon sweater. He wore it for one day only in victoria and people died everywhere we went. Anyway, I literally JUST finished this vest and I'm just in love with it. I used scrap super bulky yarn i had around (hence the weird colour make up) and did a gauge swatch (my gauge was 1/2 that of the pattern). it's super warm and will be super long and slouchy for the baby it's going to be on. YAY! My ravelry project page is here.

ps I LOVE the birch wall for taking pictures of my knitting. and whatever else is in its way, really. xO

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