i found a home in your eyes

i realized yesterday that november 2010 is the month of me posting my heart out. so strange! after such a drought, i'm kind of going bat shit. i think the past few days is me realizing that i'm going to have to actually start working tomorrow and i don't want to work, but have to, tis the problem with the modern age. i just need to keep reminding myself that the hard work now will pay off one day!

my parents are sorting out their stuff from moving down here almost 2 years ago. they're creating work spaces upstairs, etc. that means that a big bin of stuff of mine and my sister's from when we were kids was unearthed (Eden, you will DIE). i found my old cabbage patch baby doll with the rattle inside (which is now in seth's toy basket), among other things, including my most beloved cabbage patch figurines that i've now put on display. i loved these things to death.


and then, while seth was sleeping, i finally sewed up one of the drawstring skirts i've been meaning to make (2 more to go). i love it. love. it.

skirt i made out of a vintage sheet

ok. off to have coffee with my gay husband. will have giveaway up tomorrow (or tuesday at the latest!). XO


Jodie said...

Are those Cabbage Patch figurines the kind that you paint yourself, at a Plaster Fun House type place? I recently came across one that I did a bazillion years ago while cleaning my stuff out of my mom's basement.

Cute skirt!

Melissa said...

Good luck tomorrow on your first day!
cute skirt! <3

diandra said...

That sounds so fun! Mine are just plastic :(

Eden Oliver said...


I remember those Cabbage Patch figurines... and I'm way too excited about going through these boxes.

Also, you inspired me to make a to do list, right now (P-R-O-C-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N! What does that spell?! Procrastination, RahRahRah!). Except mine only has 24 goals. That's fair, right?