"maybe i'll come up with some fake issues"

upcycling clothes for seth, originally uploaded by ohsweetie.

i just put my sewing machine away. it's been on the table all week. i've sewed so many things that i can't remember what i all sewed. i think that's strange. i went through the pile of "fix-its" and sewed some project bags to sell, and then started through the pile of clothes we wanted to turn into things for seth (we have a volcom tshirt and a meow army tshirt to do too!). i got this tshirt made and then decided i needed to clean up the kitchen a bit.

stewart's kind of addicted to Bored to Death right now and it's seriously getting in the way of our christmas movie watching. we rewatched deck the halls last night and it was terrible. i didn't get pictures of any old ladies today, but did go to the "fair trade" fair. boomers who go to "third-world" countries and buy handicrafts and then bring them to north america to sell them for a shit brick tonne of cash piss me off. i ended up buying a perpetual calendar from this book table. and two stickers (yes, one's for you eden!) that say, "No Farms. No Food." tomorrow I hope to get our space reorganized a bit better, fold all of the laundry, and knit. knit. knit. seth slept for a total of four and a half hours during the day today (and 10 hours last night!). i hope it's like that tomorrow.

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Eden Oliver said...

I love you.