The Alward Slouch!

A month or so ago I decided that one way I could be self sufficient would be to become a "professional knitter". You know, like the next Ysolda Teague or something. Which is kind of shooting for the stars. I mean, I am not really sure what I should *do*. So, my first step is putting out some patterns, trying to get some patterns published, etc. Thus I present to you my first self-published pattern, The Alward Slouch!

This slouch is inspired by my friend Karen who lives on Alward Street. She's a knitter, I'm a knitter, and we just have a great chemistry and camaraderie. Recently I was on our epic road trip and not only needed a project to use up my errant skein of Noro Kochoran, but I needed something I could knit while stealing minutes on the road with a newish infant. Karen looks more amazing than I could imagine in this hat and I'm so happy it all came together! The pattern is a bulky-weight quick knit slouch with a ribbed band and a moss stitch body.

You can download the pattern here, or check it out on Ravelry here. Happy Knitting! xo


babyblue said...

this turned out great!

HarleyGirlLowRider said...

So i found your recipe for SLOPPY STEW'S PULLED HAM SANDWICHES & I don't have Chipotle puree ( actually never even heard of it) what can be substituted or used in place of the Chipolte puree? I'm having this for supper tonight due to the fact that I have an abundance of pulled ham!! Thanks..Susi

diandra said...

Ancho powder or hot sauce to taste. Xo