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yay winter!
working on a craft tutorial
so a friend here in port who does contract work at home hooked me up and i'm working for her company too (i even signed my contract already!). it's administration work, but tis a job, full time, i get to somewhat make my own hours, and well, i get to work at home. and stay in port alberni. i did apply for a job in terrace (regression?) and it's a big one so my fingers are crossed. but it's the provincial government so it could take months. anyway, i'm happy and start on monday! woop!/PHEW. i have three more days of absolute freedom (to knit and craft) before my time gets even more restricted. yikes!

it's still snowing. today it's just been coming down all day. my desktop widget says it's 2C out. seth has been sleeping like a newborn: all day. basically he gets up, plays for 1/2 hour, eats, boob, back to sleep. it's pretty funny because he's bouncing from long naps to short naps. i think his body and his mind aren't made up. he's fun. it's getting annoying when we go out and everyoneandtheirfuckingdog start talking to me b/c he's so cute. OH DIANDRA HARD LIFE?! your kid is cute and everyone wants to talk to your cute baby. so annoying all the small talk. haha.

i'm finishing up an article for cut out and keep right now. made the project yesterday. it's so dark b/c of the snow i might not get a good finished object picture. so i'll probably have to take it tomorrow.

this post feels boring. like i'm just rambling about what i did. or will do. i know that's the purpose of this, but blah. tomorrow i'll post something more exciting. like pictures of us making bath bombs and our recipe mods or something.

OH! and the giveaway is coming! I'll post it next monday and then ship it out on the 3rd (with the rest of my gifts). STAY TUNED!! XO


yarnsalad said...

Not at all boring! I was wondering about your job. Congrats again! It's great that it's full time AND you get to stay at home. Hopefully it will be okay if I drop in on Wednesday afternoon.

I can't exactly relate about the small talk when you have a baby, but I imagine it would be a bit mind-numbing.

If you hear about any other stay at home full time work, do pass it on...

Eden Oliver said...

I love that I keep up with your life via your blog. I wonder if you ever wonder what I do with all my time, since I don't have a blog with which you could inform yourself...

(today is the day for ellipses...)
(ps - I got to stick my hand in paraffin wax today)

ashley-in-chains said...

Congrats on the job...lucky yo to be working from home!
I know what you mean about people stopping to chat about the cuteness of your baby. When the twins were little I put one in a stroller and one in a snuggly so that "they" wouldn't see the second baby :)
hahaa it worked most of the time