Holiday Giveaway!!

Holiday Giveaway!!
first off, sorry the picture is so dark! it's dark out even during the day and the top of my all-in-one is the only surface in the house that doesnt have a pile of clutter on it.

so, the giveaway! yay! it's your very own embroidery starter kit!! it comes with a needle book with some needles, a sampling of floss, a hoop, some fabric, an embroidery stitch book, a sublime stitching pattern, and a print out of my smash patriarchy sampler! you can either keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one for the holidays!!

you just have to leave a comment with your favourite way to smash patriarchy by december 3rd at 5pm my time. i'll ship it out on monday!! (dont forget to leave me a way to get a hold of you!)



Melissa said...

Well I like to use an good ole fashioned hammer. *wink*

neoncake said...

letting people know(specifically dudes at work) that I'm not a weak womyn and can do anything that I want to. No, I don't need help with this box of bags. I have arms and I can take care of it. thanks.

awesome giveaway,btw!

single gal said...

I wear my favourite pair of high heel shoes and DARE you to look away. The walk just demands respect.

Anonymous said...

etch the word on a glass, put it in a bag, stomp.


Anonymous said...

"Well, you never shut up." -Quote from my loving BF.

-Jean (jean-chisholm@hotmail.com)