lush for life

lush for life
is that poo on my face?

one of my favourite parts of living in prince george was that pg had a lush store. both terrace and where i was in japan previous to moving to pg didn't have one. i never thought to order something online (it seemed too frivilous?), but would spoil myself in the face of a real life store front. since moving to port my life has been without many lush products because there isn't one here and because i can't really afford it enough to make it a priority when we go to nanaimo. but when i was up in pg, babyblue spoiled me for my bday and got me a face mask, bath bomb, and massage bar. teamed up with a deep soaker tub it was one of the best bday gifts ever (esp. considering it's been a year since i've had a bath).

last week when i was in victoria i also decided to go to lush and splurge myself a little (i deserve it!) and i ran into my first major complaint about lush. i don't know if staff are paid by commission or if they're just so fucking excited to be selling bath and body products but me and my sister were literally service-fucked in our facespace. we didn't get very far into the store, maybe a step and a kid who must not be allowed to be out in his non-work life screamed like we were his best friends and said, "OMG!" (?) then came over to us and WALLOFSERVICE. it was pretty overbearing. esp since another person came over to us the minute we were able to get rid of him. this is the exchange that my sister and i had with the second person while circling the massage bar stand:

me: hey eden, this bar is so great. it smells awesome and has chocolate in it. and when you rub it on your body it's like smearing poo on yourself!

eden: awesome!

sales person: (awkward laugh) i think it's like rubbing CHOCOLATE on yourself

me: no, it's not bad that it looks like poo, it just does.

eden: (smile)

the whole point is that whenever i go to a lush store anywhere i cannot shop in peace? is this to get me to buy more or to ensure i don't shoplift?

so, i still bought some things and ended up with ocean salt (yes!), another butterball bath bomb, and cupcake face mask (above). cupcake and brazened honey are definitely my favourite fresh masks they have. i also use their i love juicy shampoo about 70% of the times i wash my hair.

the other thing that really bugs me about lush is that even though they're "all natural" and riding the eco-product wave, they still use parabens and sulphites in some of their products. there currently are no regulations on the use of parabens but i'd hope that a company that's pretty "cool" would try to be on the cutting edge of "what's good for you" and not.

anyway, lush, i love you.


babyblue said...

i've talked to the PG lush and sent an email to the company re: parabens and they are sort of defeatist about the whole thing claiming there's no other solution with such mass shipments. i know burt's bees uses "lactoperoxidase" (sp?) and it's really low in toxicity. i told them that but heard no response. so i dunno.

i always get servicefucked at lush lately, it's annoying.

laura said...

try taking mark there, shit that is annoying but hilarious. they push, he pushes, they push... one girl washed his hands for him one day.

Eden Oliver said...

I was pretty close to following up that smile with a "But... I LIKE that it looks like poo." but I thought it might make the sales person just a little too awkward.

Also: facespace. Yes.

yarnsalad said...

I haven't been in or even near a Lush store for years - I can't handle the smell! The scents they use are way too powerful I don't know how they manage to keep business going. That's probably the real reason why the WALLOFSERVICE people were all over you - they were high as a kite on fumes. And they expect every person is a shoplifter.

Well hey now since you are a DIYer, why not make your own stuff? Start with something simple, like soap, then move on to shampoo bars... You'd be amazed at how easy it is and how much money you'll save. You could, in one day, create gifts for 30 of your closest friends and have soap etc. for a year!