she says she don't know me, anymore...

i'm kind of in love with kid cudi right now. late to the party, yeah. but whatever, aside from this super poppy single i'm bored. he's boring. and kanye's in the track. and we all know how much i like kanye. (and his flapper mouth).

the time since we've returned from holidays has been flying by and i've just been somewhat shitty. i haven't returned to my routine and i've also not been eating well or taking care of myself. booo. boo on me. i've been knitting a lot and sleeping? well, i'm not really sure what i've been up to. i have perhaps not been too on top of my catch up and there's piles of laundry everywhere. i guess, too, because seth wants to play all the time but can't really get around on his own yet (or sit on the floor by himself yet) i've been doing a lot of baby holding. and it's exhausting.

stewart and i are at this moment putting together our best of 2010 CD! we each pick ten songs and then throw them together. we're going to celebrate our purchasing of a new printer/scanner/thing by making covers for them. we're probably only going to make somewhere between 10 and 20 copies. i'll be doing a giveaway for one on here soon. probably closer to the holidays, with a crafty giveaway. some suggestion of what you're in for on the CD: matt skiba, bleeding through, robyn, avey tare, manchester orchestra, arcade fire, never shout never, the drums, operator please, wavves, MIA, etc.

i have to head to bed and want to do a separate knitting post, but here's some pictures of the last week or so.

grilled cheese homefries and pickles
homemade dinner! homegrown potatoes, stew's grandma's pickles, locally baked bread. YUM.
my peasant's toast
french toast at the blue fox in victoria. so worth the over and hour wait to sit and drink coffee and eat.
alex and eden at the blue fox. see her plate of vegan goodness? she ate the whole thing. she's a champ.
seth loves the taste of the new dan mangan
eden gives seth a taste of the music.
stewart's hamburger pizza. OMG. it tasted just like a hamburger.



neoncake said...

ohh that french toast looks so good right now

yarnsalad said...

Wait - was that Bubble & Squeak from the Blue Fox? How can anyone put that whole meal away in one sitting?

(Bubble & Squeak is my favourite dish from the Blue Fox)

diandra said...


yeah, i think that's what it is. she got it veganized, so beans instead of meat. probably way more filling that way. haha.