#12: dye my hair like ramona flowers

My hair's in this stage I don't like right now (and usually don't like). I think also not having time just makes me have no energy to do anything to it so I think it sucks. So, I'm fantasizing more about this hair. Like most things in my life I need money to do this. But, I think I might just do it myself (WOOP) rather than go to a salon and get it done. I'll be using the Dainty Squid post about her multi-coloured hair as a starting point. And, will have to bleach it out too! SO EXCITED.


Melissa said...

I would love to practice french with you but I'll probably need a few weeks of just regular study first. My french is horrible now. :( but it will be better :)

yarnsalad said...

Are you not our local steampunk queen? Why on earth would you go to a salon when you can DIY? I have been cutting and colouring my own hair for a few years now, it's rewarding and *way* cheaper. I'll even come help you do yours if you like (I have my own hair cutting scissors if you want a cut).

Thanks for decorations & baby basin, btw. If I get this job, I'll be in town to visit more often!

single gal said...

I LOVE dainty squid. She's amazing. I want her house. I wish I was crafty like you and her.