A Year in Review...

Here are my favourite pictures from the past year from my Flickr account. i'm excited for what this next year will bring!

the first photo i posted this year! such a fun anticipatory time!

yacht @ sugar

badges and buttons!
finally moving in!

douglas coupland autograph for helvetica!
love from doug.

helvetica day 1
we had a baby!

my indoor basil
growing! yum!

our chalkboard wall, july 2010
(more) moving in!

enchanted forest socks
knitting! socks! my favourite project of the year.

local food! this was the year for good food.

stuffed crust pizza
bring on pizza fridays!

stew's grandma's house used to have a fruit stand

upcycling clothes for seth
crafting!/sewing. i love this picture...

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heidi said...

I love it!! And congrats on your beautiful baby!! I really thought I had your blog on my reader, but don't what the heck...have to fix that right away :)