love is a hunter

Rae Spoon was on CBC's Q today. YAY!

Have you seen this? Supermarket Sarah? I heard about it from MEET ME AT MIKE'S! It's incredible. and Genius.

And, Port Alberni-based crafter and antiques collector, Eben Lemon, is hosting a sweet giveaway over at the Dainty Squid! (Me, my sister, and Kalinhop are going to be making soap over the holidaze, so I'll be sure to take pictures of that!).

Oh! and this Harry Potter plush tutorial from My Paper Crane? OMG! I think that I'll make one into a puppet for the puppet theatre I'm making seth (it's baby sized, so when he's like one and half he'll be into it).

craft for the wonderful E.
i made this embroidered nesting doll for the lovely e with purple and blue floss and put it in a purple frame. i didn't take any complete pics or WIPS, but i love it. so nice. here's the pattern from sublime stitching if you're so inclined!

this is the lame little garland i made for hanukkah. i used the star cutout tutorial from martha stewart (and i finally got my first issue of living that i subscribed for in the mail, yay!)

hanukkah leftovers
MMMM, hanukkah leftovers. we had 20 people here (including 7 kids under 7) in our tiny little itty bitty basement suite. it was GREAT! i made SO MUCH food and it was all devoured minus this crock of marinated mushrooms, borscht salad, a tablespoon or so of vegetarian chopped liver, and a bunch of rye bread (we had another loaf left too). it was the most fun i've had in a while and so great to have all these wonderful people in one space.


Megan said...

Who is this Eben Lemon in real life? And does she have a real store? I feel we should be friends with her! Also, have you ever been in Gramma's Trunk on Argyle?
Also, FABULOUS suppeR!

diandra said...

you had dinner with her on sunday :)