helvetica's best of 2010

helvetica's best of 2010
well, this year is close to over and there's albums and bands we still haven't gotten our hands on (ahem, downloaded), but this is as close to on-time-accurate we'll get to this year. highlights? for me obviously robyn and her onslaught of sweeeeedish ness..it transformed my year; stewart says, "the new comeback kid album was a lot better than i expected and it's amazing" (even though he picked a bleeding through track instead); "i found my love of garage rock through no bunny" (stew); and i think the two of us together fell face flat onto the hipster trend of the year lo fi jangly guitars and songs about the beach. honourable mentions that didn't make it here are obviously best coast, kill the client, beach house, kid cudi, willow, belle and sebastien, etc. below are our tracks! i've worked hard to get youtube links for most of the songs. but, surely everything you can find on a torrent site (or even splurge and get them through itunes!). or you can send me an email and beg for one.

every town has an elm street – iron chic (link)
include me out – robyn (link)
ambling alp – yeasayer (link)
this shit getz old – nevershoutnever! (link)
city with no children – arcade fire (link)
heart is hard to find – jimmy eat world (link)
laughing hieroglyphic – avey tare (link)
odessa – caribou (link)
i can’t believe you – matt skiba (link)
tighten up – black keys (link)
let’s go surfing – the drums (link)
pretty please me – no bunny (link)
post acid - wavves (link)
twin peaks – surfer blood (link)
shake it out – manchester orchestra (link)
summertime – my chemical romance (link)
anti-hero – bleeding through (link)
xxxo – m.i.a. (link)
we’ve got a situation here – the damned things (link)
back and forth – operator please (link)


Eden Oliver said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I'm eating the carrots we pickled right now with my vegan grilled cheese sandwiches, and I am freaking out on the inside about how good they are.


Loki #42 said...

EEEP...I am in Nanaimo!! I would love to pick up a burned copy of this? Please? When are you available for visits??
Loki <3