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christmas ornament i made when i was in primary school.
christmas ornament i made when i was a kid
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yaya! super blurry yoghurt shot

i thought i'd do a quick post before i started my work for the day. seth starts daycare on the 4th and until then i'm working when stewart's home and in every little minute i have. last week i put in 20 hours. on top of everything else (not instead of). basically what it means is that 1. i'm exhausted, 2. we had take out when we can't afford it, and 3. i'm behind on a few projects (like a tutorial for another blog, my sweater, etc). and i'm really exhausted. i can't really keep track of my days and have to spend more time than necessary trying to remember what i did yesterday or a few days ago. i can't wait until he goes to daycare. i think the first day i'm going to use that time to sleep rather than work (it'll only be a partial day anyway) and then the next day start working full on.

i've been doing a lot of holiday knitting, too, which is kind of poopy, because i'd rather be knitting my sweater!!! AND another sweater's worth of yarn is on it's way to me and should be here today! but i can't very well cast on for another sweater when i'm still not done my sweetgum. and, after that i have some mini mini test pieces and schematics to finish for a submission i'm sending into twist for next fall's issue (finger's crossed i get accepted!). if it doesn't get accepted i'll be working on the pattern steadily and then probably self publish (as i already missed the deadline for knitty). and if knit.1 was still around that'd be perfect :( i had a dream the other night that i was walking around topless (!!) and at one point i had a moment of shame and remembered to put my shirt on. and it was this grey, malabrigo knit, leaf lace, pullover sweater (short sleeved). it felt so nice on my skin. but it's also nothing i've ever seen before. so that's another design i might put together!! haha. there's also a sweater i want to get the design on. but first things first. i also realized that "knit 5 sweaters" doesn't have to be just for me. stewart wants a freddy krueger sweater and i'll probably knit my sister a sweater for her birthday (surprise!haha). so that leaves only 3 for me.

i borrowed the new skinny bitch cookbook from the library the other day and finally got to sit down and read it while seth was in his bath last night. the skinny bitch books always trigger me because they're unapologetic with the bitchiness, but also VEGAN lifestyle books. of all the "get fit get healthy" books out there this series is probably my favourite. i have such a political struggle with weight (more so than a personal struggle i think, because when ever i think about it personally the political side takes over and i forget about my issues) and FAT. anyway, the book reinspired me to take on some food stuff (got to start somewhere!) and my sugar stuff (white flour will follow soon...i just LOVE it so much!). so, last night i've decided (how many times have you heard this? hahahaa) to restrict my refined/brown/cane sugar intake to one item/experience a day. for example, if i have brown sugar in my coffee, nothing else i eat during the day can have refined sugar in it. it's way better than cutting it all out and testament to how much sugar i'm actually inducing. it doesn't mean that if i go to have a cookie i can only have one, but it means i can't have two now and then two later. just the two that one time. does that make sense? but it also means that i can't have things with high fructose corn syrup (hurrah!) and will have to be an eagle eye on any canned goods i buy.

with the sugar restrictions i've decided to put a number to my meat eating/vegetarianness. i'm only going to have meat meals at dinner and only every second day. so that's 3.5 meat meals a week! we're probably eating less than that as it is, but stewart's excited to know he'll eat meat at home every few days. haahah. after i can nail that i'll focus on dairy and eggs (though i love them). my meat thing too is going to aim to only eat local meat. but we'll see how that goes.

OK, i should go do work. the child's fallen asleep on the couch next to me (his little snores are SO CUTE) and i should brush my teeth and login to my work.

Christmas is SOOON! so excited!!! XO

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babyblue said...

hughh...being a mum can be so beyond busy, hey? i know what you mean re: not knowing what day it is, what you did yesterday etc. i go through so many periods like that. yay for making nutritional goals! i've been ok these days but not great because of the holiday baking and treats. after i give birth i want to take advantage of my nursing metabolism and really kick up the discipline.

anyway, this should probably be an email and not a comment but whatever.

love you sister.

p.s. i was in the process of making your xmas present but then my printer died (GRRR!!!) so i'm going to have to wait until i can take it to staples then send it...it'll be a bit late. but it will come. xox